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Fence Dogs - a Precision Dog for a Fence

How would you like to have a fence for your workbench that can be removable but also know it will be square when re-installed? Those days are near. The only reason to bring a square is if you want to see how square your square is. These pictures are of the prototype during testing. We are still working out the details. We hope to be in production  soon.

Fence Dog

You can see it has been designed and is in the engineering stage now and I’m planning on it working  with holes slightly smaller than 3/4 inch (about 18.8 mm) to 20.3 mm.  That’s right, something that can work on traditional workbenches also, but only to the accuracy of the hole positions.

Testing the prototype on a Festool MFT bench has been remarkable. I can repeatedly install, remove, and re-install the dogs with an accuracy of .002 (2/1000) of an inch.  Here is the Fence I’m using, a piece of 8020 Inc., model 25-5013 extrusion and 2 ea. 25-4115 inside corner brackets.

Fence Dogs on 8020 extrusion

For installation I use a 1/4 bolt, nut and fender washer. You can tighten until you no longer have any play with the hole and can still move the dog up and down,  or you can continue to tighten until it is very snug in the hole and can’t move. Remove the installation bolt, nut , and washer; and now you are ready for use.

Fence Dog in Hole   

I recommend only tightening until you no longer have any play in the hole. This way you can slide the dogs out and move them to other sets of holes. I know many of you will never move your fence in which case, you can really snug them tight and not worry about them dropping out of the holes.

I also recommend buying  them for use on one table only. This way you won’t have to take the 2 metal pieces apart. I’m aware many of you won’t have this luxury so I will explain the easiest way I found to disconnect the two metal parts.

Use your installation bolt, nut, possibly an extra nut, and the fender washer. Assemble them finger tight and stick it over a table hole with the long bolt sticking up. Slide the  Fence Dog over the bolt with the slotted female taper part pointing down. Place a screwdriver against the female part and lightly tap the screwdriver with a hammer until they slide apart.

Fence Dog Jig                                 Fence Dog over Fence Dog Jig
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