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Qwas Dogs - The First 20 mm Precision Bench Dogs.

Why a precision bench dog? If you look at the Festool and Walko work tables, you will notice the holes are set in a precise grid. With Qwas Dogs you can take advantage of that grid to make perfect cuts, whether cross cuts, rip cuts, or 45 degree miter cuts (Festool MFT only).

Qwas Dogs are great for holding a workpiece while sanding, sawing, planing, or gluing up a project. Anything that requires holding your workpiece still or requires a perfect 90 degree angle, Qwas Dogs will work. 2 pairs of Qwas Dogs allows you test the squareness of work pieces, squares, or help in gluing up your projects.

Qwas Dogs are designed to utilized the full depth of the holes for proper alignment. The small shoulders assures the dogs are aligned with the hole rather than inaccuracies in the table surface from glue, saw kerfs, or water spillage. They are made from aircraft grade aluminum and then anodized black. Anodizing is much tougher than paint and you will find it is very hard to chip or peel the black off.

Qwas Dogs sit less than .45 inch above the table top allowing you to work on anything from 1/2 plywood to 12/4 hardwood. Perfect for sanding and sawing 1/2 inch plywood.

When you understand the precise grid layout on these great work tables have, why use anything less than a precision bench dog, the Qwas Dog.

Now available in colors. Click HERE to learn more.
Colored Qwas Dogs in Workbench Holder

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