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Qwas Square and Festool TS-55 Plunge Saw

Qwas Square - The Crosscut Fence for a Guide Rail

The Qwas Square is for making cuts off of the MFT table. It is a precise 90 degree fence that slides onto the bottom of a Festool Guide Rail and allows for accurate cuts while away from the MFT.  It requires a minimum of 8” of the rail  which is about the same as the TS-55 plunge saw.

The Qwas Square slides onto to the guide rail through the groove on the bottom of the rail. It has 2 methods for accurate alignment with the rail or you can use any square to align it. Two thumb screws lock the Qwas Square in position. You can still install the hose guard / deflector if desired.

You do need to remove 10-12 inches of foam rubber from the outer strip on the guide rail. It is easily removed with a hair dryer and a scraper or razor blade.

The Qwas Square is an aluminum plate about 17 inches long and 10 inches wide. It is a precise 30/60 degree right triangle. It’s 3/16 inch thickness provides for a rigid, sturdy fence while keeping it lightweight.

Small screw holes have been added for adding an auxiliary fence. The auxiliary fence can be wood or an aluminum extrusion. This fence could have a scale and/or stops on it for cutting multiple pieces to the same size. The aux fence could be used for any angle or weird shape cuts you need to make.

Qwas Square on Festool Guide Rail

How accurate is it? Good question and one that should be answered by anyone making squares. We are keeping the error to .002 inch per foot. This is close to the accuracy of a machinist square. However most cutting errors will not be from the fence but rather from the reference edge that the fence rides on. Any error on the reference edge is also added to the total error. A thin 1/64 inch sliver on the reference edge at the end of the fence can cause a 3/64 error over a 48 inch cut. It is important to have a clean reference edge to get a good accurate cut.

Qwas Square Bonus Feature

That’s right, there’s more. The Qwas Square works with the MFT table. With the use of our Qwas Dogs, the Qwas Square’s 90 degree corner can be used to align the guide rail on the MFT. Also, the Qwas Square can be used as a fence for cutting very accurate 30 or 60 degree angles with the MFT.

Qwas Square on Festool MFT Table

Bottom of Qwas Square on Guide Rail    Qwas Square, Guide Rail, and TS-55     Qwas Square with a tab added on the end

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