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This tool was the idea of Noah Nordrum of Minnesota. The Speed Dog is for holding a workpiece off of the  end of a Festool  MFT such as for jig sawing, Domino routing, biscuit jointing, and/or drilling.  When used with  Qwas Dogs  it is ideal for repetitive things such as  routing dominoes, sanding or routing edges, and drilling. This is more efficient than clamping and un-clamping the workpiece each time. Think how much time this would save if you were building a group of drawers.

The Speed Dog comes with the dog, a threaded 2 inch (approx) disc, and 1.75 - 2" 1/4-20 bolt and nut. You need to supply an 8 mm bolt or knob to secure the dog to the MFT. We recommend the knob from the Festool Clamping Elements. Typically, only one Speed Dog will hold your workpiece . You may want to use 2 (one on each end) for workpieces over 2 feet long, especially if you are edge sanding.

Speed Dog on MFT

The Speed Dog is attached to the MFT from underneath by an 8 mm bolt or preferably the knob from one of  Festool's Clamping Elements. This knob is not included with the Speed Dog.  The Speed Dog has 1/4-20 bolt that attaches to the top of the dog. The threaded disc goes on this 1/4-20 bolt so the threaded disc sits above the top of the dog.  The supplied bolt is long enough to hold anything 1 inch thick but it can be replaced with a longer bolt  if needed.

Speed Dogs and Qwas Dogs

To use the Speed Dog, locate a hole that allows the workpiece to hang over the edge by the least amount necessary. I say this not just for the obvious safety reason  of running into it but a board hanging off several inches will act as a lever  and can apply damaging pressure to the dog and the table. Try and keep the overhang around 3-5 inches. After selecting your hole, slide the dog in the hole and screw in the 8 mm knob from underneath. Only tighten enough to hold the dog, over tightening will damage the hole. Next, make sure the disc is on the 1/4-20 bolt and sitting towards the head of the bolt. Screw the bolt into the top of the dog and continue until it bottoms it stops. Slide the workpiece next to the dog and screw the disc down to the workpiece. You want the disc to be loose enough that you can slide the workpiece in and out but tight enough that the workpiece can't wobble up and down at the disc. You can use an optional nut above the disc to lock the disc in place but I find it isn't needed most of the time.

You can use a pair of Qwas Dogs or the stops from the Festool Clamping Elements (the rubber face adds some friction) to help hold and index the workpiece .

Speed Dog and Qwas Dogs

Here is a small demo movie. You might need to right click and open it  in a video player :



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