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Taper Dogs - a Dog for Holding

The Taper Dog is for holding things to the bench. Those things can be a fence, a stop, T track or miter channel, vacuum port, a bench clamp, clamp holders (aka framing or squaring blocks), a temporary bench top, or your home made jig.

The Taper Dog is design to fit underneath the hole. These dogs will fit any hole from .730 to  .800 inches or 18.5 -20.3 mm.  The dog has a 5/16 inch hole so it will accept 1/4, 5/16 inch, 6, or 8 mm bolts. The taper length is just under 3/4 inch so it can work on any bench at least 3/4 inch thick (the bench thickness can be under 1/2 inch for 3/4 holes).

The Taper Dogs are 1.25 inches long. For a 3/4 inch hole, it will be about 1 inch below the table top and for a 20 mm hole about 3/4 inch. You can use these numbers to get an idea of bolt length. Add the table thickness plus the amount of Taper Dog below the table top plus another 1/4 - 1/2 inch for a nut.

The Taper Dog is not meant for precision, but you should be able to repeatedly locate the Taper Dog hole within 1/100 of an inch to the center of the hole. Of course, you can use a square and get it correctly aligned every time.

For those of you that are looking for my Clamp Dog, this is the “new and improved” version of it.

NEW for 2013
Now comes with a flat black slip resistant coating.

Black Taper Dog

Examples  of  Taper Dogs Use

Taper Dog with a
Right Angle Bracket
to hold fence.

Taper Dogs on a fence

Taper Dogs
holding Jet  Block

Taper Dogs on Jet Clamp Blocks

Taper Dogs
holding Jet Clamp.

Taper Dogs holding Jet Clamp

Taper Dog
holding Angle
Block to act
as a board stop.
Qwas Dogs are
aligning board.

Taper Dogs holding a Stop

Taper Dogs on a
8020 Inc. profile.

Taper Dogs and 8020 profile

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